Adult spacecamp

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As this was a week long event, there were simply too many things to report on. As I recall stuff, I'll probably edit this portion to include the ones I don't mind sharing. I also met Aimee, who was on the same team then and is now a trainer at Camp. Hoot indulged John and me in a classic "Right Stuff" style pose in front of Pathfinder...

To start with, I arrived the evening before camp, after a long drive from Chattanooga (where I rode a passenger train pulled by steam, another hobby of mine). When I pulled up to the Center the next morning, I re-created the first scene in the 1986, "Spacecamp" movie showing the Space Camp facility, complete with Eric Clapton blaring from my MP3 player. He was available most of the time, and of course we took advantage of that by asking him countless questions (John and I especially, as we knew a bit about his background already). John and I both wished our pal Steve from 2014 could have been there with us, of course.

Then, the Long Duration Mission on the next to last day...

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Though my CDR wasn't exactly the greatest stick-and-rudder person who ever lived, she did a valiant job trying to keep the HUD lined up but eventually steered beyond it's tracking.I attended the week-long Advanced Adult Space Camp, with astronauts Bob Springer and "Hoot" Gibson!Bob was around off-and-on, but Hoot was around pretty much all the time.Each night, Hoot would hold court at "The Library," which is what we called the bar at the Marriott next to Space Camp (if the bar has a real name, I have no idea what it is). Later, he gave us all NASA beer can koozies, as most of us were seen drinking with him after-hours in the bar.Here we see Hoot and John laughing at something that was just said. Here I am, sitting in the ISS Payload Control room area... I also bought a couple of shirts and a mitt full of pens... I got into 2 flat spins, but managed to smoke 5 of my team by shooting them down.

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