Male dating gay seattle

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They know, but they love him, so nobody talks about it."Brian Mullen, retired hockey, player is gay.

He wanted to go into coaching earlier but had to do front office work for the NHL No one would hire him as a coach, it's an open secret."I've heard there is a lot of discrimination against gays in coaching.

Maybe he's watching and waiting to see how the general public reacts to Jason Collins before he comes out? When Ian Roberts came out in Australia people wondered if it would open the door for other gay NRL and AFL players to come out. If Robbie Rogers return to MLS he will be the first openly active male player to do so..

No offense, but people want bisexual and gay athletes to come out in the team sports, the major sexy sports (hockey, basketball, baseball, football). Serious hazing that involves lots of gay stuff that no one thought was gay but just fun. Roberts came out in the 1990s and nobody has come out since. Robbie is still young and is well known in the soccer community both in America and Europe...unlike Jason who was unheard of before his anouncement,old and at the end of his career.

Brendan was his son who came out while working in college hockey. Bill Cowher's late wife, Kaye, was a high school girls' basketball coach.

Rumor had it that he was boffing an African American --female -- secretary within the Steelers' organization Speaking of the Steelers, lots of rumors but no smoking gun about Kordell Stewart's orientation.

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Just on Google just now it says he has a new fashion line. "What's this about Peyton Manning and Kenny Chesney?! Just seems like "gossip" about Michael Del Zotto, R217 about him "wheeling" females. I youtubed TJ Galiardi, and I don't need rumors about him. Since coming out three months ago, Jason Collins is receiving more attention than he ever has during his 12-year journeyman NBA career."That definitely happened (in my masturbatory fantasies)r144, IIRC, there was another brother, Joey. I also think that TPTB are conflating gay and paedophile again. If he has no problem telling people he played with dolls and interned at Vogue, he'd have no problem telling people he likes men. Do you think they don't take care of business in the showers. I doubt she would have gone back to him after the first break up if he is gay. If this is OPENLY gay then you'll have one fuck of a short list. It's about time there's more for the most homophobic sport of em all: football/soccer.That would explain the reasoning behind having bearded coaches, if this were true of course.r153, it was always rumoured of him that he was genuinely bi, one of those fuck anything kind of dudes. R167 Would his reputation suffer if he actually came out (as bi)? Here's hoping Saint Robbie Rogers has opened the floodgates. Also has a reputation as a pussyhound (as all of them do).He serves his props, but he is straight, so off topic.Johnny Bench -- An ex-wife: "I knew we had a problem when he spent our wedding night playing ping-pong with his best man." Cincinnati is a real redneck state.

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