Outlook asks for password when updating address book

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If this checkbox is selected, users won't see the password prompt again until the next time they change their password.

When the Outlook password prompt appears again, end users can enter the new password and once again select the checkbox to force Outlook to remember it.

It can easily be adapted to earlier versions of Exchange, but depending on the Windows and Exchange versions in use, you may have to install the Windows Server Support Tools.

Exchange Server uses a service principal name to identify a specific instance of a service.

Once you've confirmed the Exchange AB entries, you'll have to determine the Global Catalog server name.

The service principal name you must examine is called Exchange AB.

There are two separate Exchange AB listings: one is connected to your Exchange Server's host name and the other is connected to your Exchange Server's fully qualified domain name (FQDN).

If you're connected to an Exchange 2013 server, you might be prompted to enter your user name and password in Outlook 2016, even though you're logged in to your computer with your network credentials and Outlook should silently log you in.

However, there's no known bug that causes Outlook 2013 to do this.

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