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I woke up in the middle of the night when I felt one arm under my legs and one under my neck and head. s strength (we are very friendly), she just smiled and repeat the same ? Her mother was preparing foods on the kitchen for her. As she put me down I said that is fun you are really strong! She got up and excused herself to get ready for bed. I was hoisted back over her shoulders in a fireman carry. thts allcute boy It started with a trip to the hair dressers one afternon. She had recently started to work out and ride a bike.

I was lifted up by strong arms and soon pressed to big soft breasts. Getting ready for bed she asked if her muscles bothered me. She came back with one of my tank tops and a pair of my boxers. She showed me her muscles and asked if I was ready. She carried me to the bedroom and I have her take the dominant role and lots of lift and carry.jonashi bk, after a long day, how are you. It was the night when I was asked for a foreplay by wife after my daughter went to bedroom, she casually lifted me from the chair, and kissed, set me on her hip. She was 5 ft 9 and weighed sbout 185 when she started. She came home after her ride and I said that her hair looked great She said and soon I am going to have a hard body too! After about 4 months of she had dropped 20 lbs and had cut down on her biking.

I have kept myself thin over the years and never had problems finding big, strong women that could carry me before the love making. I put my arms around her and said I already know you are. Hers looked like the mans and mine were like the womens! Up the stairs dangling across her broad shoulders I told her this was fantastic.

didi I m 32 yrs, 5'4" and 59kg, she is 28, she is of my ht but looks heavier than me, she was wearing salwar kameej when she lifted me, after sex she dressed herself and i was standing near her nude, then she just wrapped her hands around my buttocks and lifted me up and carried me to the bathroom , that time i couldnot control myself and ejaculate on her Naveen When I was 17 years old, still a virgin, me and some friends went to a big house in the country side. one day me and my gf wr watching tv,a wrestling match after 2 fights there was a match b/w a girl and a guy where girl beat that guy easily and lifted him atleast 4-5 times.....i was totaly shocked bcoz i never seen dat kind of gf was just laughing and saying c a poor guy,girls are always better than boy in every was so bad so i challenged her to a wrestling match she accepted.i said think about it once u can get hurt,i mean look at urself u'r just a girl with hot figure and look at ur boobs and waist u'r skinny too..said r u afraid or what just start the fight. I have to seat on her lap to in the dining table, cloth less. I am thankful to god for my less wt body and my amazon wife. She just came up to me and lifted me in her arms liked I weight nothing.Christian My wife was on the computer the other day and I noticed that she was looking at photos of lift and carry. I thought that it was a little strange but really didnt bother me. And holding me on that position she consumed the rest of the coffee. She than placed me over her left hip, without putting me down. douggie I'm 37 and when I was 11 we had a schoolteacher late 20's tall blonde thick.She hadbeen enrolled in a gym and had been going for about six months. After that I told to release, because my head is up side down. Holding me with her left arm and taking the coffee cup with her right hand she entered kitchen. big feathered hair feathered bangs, beautiful, bright blue eyes, long lips all teeth showed when she smiled, the second day she was there she was wearing a dark brown button down shirt tucked in with matching high rise pleated creased pants with the lines running down the front and back, and she was big thick, smaller waiste big hips and butt, wide thick pufffed thighs and heft belly perfect geometry, and big knees, My whole life pleated creased pants on a woman made me erect in three seconds and they always made me orgasm, and cum.I of course understood that I had been "kidnapped" from my room by the 16 year old. And at the age of 32, you are carrying me like a baby!!!? she left to her room and wife carried me to the bed room. One evening we decided to go out for a couple of drinks.I didn't have a clue that a girl could be this strong. bicki hav a cousin sistr 11 yrs younger than me.taller and heavier than me 5.2, 45 kg shez 5.7 65just 13yrs old. Neighboorhood bar and all she had dressed casually in jeans flannel shirt and baseball cap.

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