Speed dating in kc mo

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Here's how it went — each of the participants sat across from one another at a table and after five minutes a bell would ring, and the men would move to the next table.As they conversed, they scored one another and took notes and at the end of the event scores were tallied, those that expressed interest were given contact information, and from then it was up to them. The more you’re out and about talking to folks, you find out that, you know, everybody loves to be heard.Every person will meet every other person and chat because it's about more than finding a date, or the love of your life, maybe you'll find your new best friend! Straight, queer, cis gender, transgender or non-conforming, everyone is welcome! Finding love is a difficult task at any age, but once you reach the later stages of life, the challenge can be even greater.Matchmaking, following an in-depth personal consultation and background check.You may qualify for our exclusive matchmaking services.Arts Bar was crowned «Best Place to Meet People» by Pitch's 2017 Readers Choice awards and in honor of that, we're offering our first ever Speed Dating night!

Margy Galusha, who lives at Mc Crite Plaza, just wanted to have some fun. And most of the women here are widows, unfortunately.” Dan Mac Lean, who traveled to the event from the Brookside area, says he was just there to meet new people, not necessarily find a date — or so he says. Mac Lean, 82, says that if there is anything he’s learned as he got older, it’s that women are resilient.“One, two, three,” Lori says, helping 86-year-old Regina plod slowly into the living room of their south Kansas City home. “You might see his work right at the front door,” Grossman says.In a nursing home, Regina would be a two- or three-person carry. Kansas City metro-area seniors are healthier and wealthier than their parents, though their spending habits are most aligned with a different generation – millennials.She’s tried meeting people online, but says it wasn't for her. She was hoping to find a companion at the speed dating event.“Just to maybe go out once in a while, do something with once in a while, you know, a friend,” she said.

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