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All of their road vehicles were sold through the motor trade, in order to achieve a good standard of after-sales service.By 1969, Brush were owned by the Hawker Siddeley group, which also owned half of Morrison-Electricars, and manufacture of Brush electric vehicles moved to the newly established Morrison factory at Tredegar.Most of the vehicles operate from the Grandtully Depot in Kelvindale.Some dairies in the UK, including Dairy Crest, have had to modernise and have replaced their electric milk floats with petrol or diesel fuel-powered vehicles to speed up deliveries and thus increase profit.Lewis Electruks were built by TH Lewis Ltd of Watford, a company closely associated with London's Express Dairy Company.Lewis began building milk floats, milk carts and horse-drawn vehicles for Express Dairies in 1873, and the business became a limited company in 1899.

Today, milk floats are usually battery electric vehicles (BEV), but they were formerly horse-drawn.It is not clear what research the association had undertaken into the quantity of electric vehicles of other countries, but closer inspection disclosed that almost all of the battery driven vehicles licensed for UK road use were milk floats.Glasgow has one of the largest working milk float fleets in the UK.The first vehicle produced was the 551 pedestrian controlled vehicle, which they supplied with a charger made by Partridge Wilson of Leicester, who were making their own range of Wilson battery vehicles.At some point in the early 1970s, prior to 1974, Harbilt and Morrison-Electricars reached an agreement for a product exchange and rationalisation.

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